Speaking at MagicPASS on February 22, 2012

Next Wednesday I’ll be returning to MagicPASS to do a presentation on SQL security for developers. It’s an interesting topic, with the trick – in my view – to focus on things that developers care about or need to know, and not load them up on things that only a DBA would love. It’s a new presentation that pulls together various notes I’ve accrued over the last few years of teaching and consulting. That means that I’ll be spending more time on in this weekend, getting ready for Wednesday.

I’m looking forward to seeing the group again and chatting afterward with new PASS Board member Kendal Van Dyke.

One thought on “Speaking at MagicPASS on February 22, 2012

  1. Didn”t get it at first, but Password box now on SQLServerCentral now making me chuckle! Security oftern thought of at the end of dev but needs building in from the start.


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