Review: I Done This

IDoneThis is a simple web site for tracking accomplishments. The premise is that you get a checkbox on the calendar each time you post an update, the string of checkboxes serves as an incentive to keep going. There is no goal setting beyond picking daily or weekly for the update frequency. You do a simple sign up, then each day you get an email asking what you did for the day (or week) (and you can set what time the email arrives). You type in accomplishments one per line, hit send, and a few minutes later your calendar is updated.


I’ve only used it for a few days in test mode and I’m taken by the simplicity. Imagine having that email reminder in your inbox every day 15 minutes before the end of your work day and you spend a couple minutes recording what you did. It’s a nice reminder, it still works if you reply the next day, and you get a nice clear set of notes that you can look back to. That’s just one way to use it!

There is a provision to share access to your calendar – a link you can enable or disable, plenty good enough for this type of application. You can export your results to CSV, which is very nice, but it does combine all your notes for a day into one line. Here is an example from my test:


I haven’t decided if this become a long term tool for me yet. I do think it’s an option I’ll be talking about in my professional development talks as a way to track progress, and I think it might be an interesting way for someone to get their feet wet in blogging – set a goal of logging one idea per day to write about, get over that fear of ‘nothing to write about’.