Culture Cubes

A while back I posted about Culture Posters, a technique for trying to build your culture by writing down the core attributes. It’s worth doing, but is a poster enough? How do you get the team to truly absorb it? The CIO I work with right now took those same values and had them put […]

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Identify Risk Early

One of the mistakes I see a lot is teams failing to identify risks early and failing to leave time to deal with the unexpected things that come up. Imagine a project that seems to have work something like this: Task A. Needs to be done 100 times Task B. Needs to be done 2 […]

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A Plug for IT Pro Camps

Here is something else that started in Florida (doesn’t everything?), a series of events along the lines of Code Camp and SQLSaturday for IT professionals called IT Pro Camps. It’s a group that has been way under served and I hope this will be the start of changing that. There is one coming up in […]

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Lists of Words You May Not Know

The Merriam-Webster site has an interesting list of Top 10 Lists, ranging from commonly confused words to things you didn’t know have names. It’s an interesting way to spend a few minutes. Want to grow more than that? Sign up for the Word of the Day, they offer email, RSS, even Twitter as an […]

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