My One Submitted Session for the PASS Summit

This year I received an invitation to compete for one of the spotlight sessions and I wanted the presentation with the best chance of being accepted. Choosing ‘best’ was interesting. Of the two I presented at the Summit last year, should it be the one that scored the best, the one on Professional Development Plans, or the one with the most attendees, the one on Statistics?

I went with the one on Professional Development Plans, mainly because of the two it’s the one that is more fun to deliver. It’s a serious session, almost life coaching, but it’s nice to see the point where it comes together and the attendees realize that it’s not just talk, it’s doable. As I’ve done this over the past year and half I’ve learned a few things, so for the next few months I’ll be doing some revisions and thinking about what to do with the extra half hour of presentation time if I get selected.

Of course, as far as the Summit goes a good strategy is to submit multiple presentations, increases the odds of being selected for something. I decided to take my chances this year on just the Spotlight session. The odds are good if not guaranteed,and if I don’t get selected that’s ok,I never lack for things to do and people to see during the week. That’s not to say I won’t be disappointed if I’m not selected, I will be!