Register for SQLRally by April 12th!

We’re less than 45 days from the first SQLRally in Orlando on May 11-13 and I bet you haven’t registered yet (though a lot of you have!). Maybe you’re waiting to see if the boss is going to pay, or trying to decide if it’s worth spending your own money (it is!), or waiting for the price of flights to drop.  All good reasons, but – we really want you to attend What you need is more ammunition, a good reason to get the decision made now!

If you register by April 12th you can attend the two day event for $299. Imagine, first class training for $299. But if you wait until April 13th, the price goes up to $349, and then on May 1st it goes to the final list price of $399. I think it’s a good deal at $399, but if you’re going to go, wouldn’t you rather take the $100 and do something fun with it? Go to Disney, Sea World, or Universal? Take the spouse to dinner at Emeril’s or Shula’s? Put it toward one of the great $199 pre-conference seminars?

We’re in the final push and we’re hoping to max out our seating. The longer you wait the more you pay,the more you risk not getting a seat at the conference or at that pre-con you’ve been drooling over. Absolutely it’s marketing too,it’s our job to make sure that you know about the event, think about the reasons to go, and try to make it as compelling as those pizza commercials that play during prime time tv. Well, maybe not quite that good!

Hope to see you in Orlando!

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