Notes from the 2011 Orlando Code Camp

Just some quick observations:

  • Nice bright green polos for volunteers (I think about standardizing the color for SQLSaturday)
  • About a dozen sponsors on site out of more than 50 total sponsors
  • The opening address was ok, but I’d remind anyone that does this to practice and polish it, easy to have it turn dull. They did a good job of highlighting key sponsors, schedule changes, and the after party – and the Twitter event tag
  • Jack Corbett & I handed out SQLRally flyers at the door and I think that worked reasonably well, they had it in their hands as they sat down to wait on the opening to start so they at least saw it!
  • They set up an email address to send pictures to, a great idea, I’m curious to see how it turns out – we should borrow this idea
  • They also put MS tags on sponsor booths and encouraged attendees to scan the tag to get a chance to win a prize. Curious about the logistics/return, but good idea to try.
  • Around 70 speakers, 91 presentations. Really great diversity, including one SQL track
  • They put a lot of effort into the site and I want to look more at that for ideas, though I’ll admit to a bias towards function! They also fielded a Win7 phone app, that I haven’t seen. I see the value in a mobile site, but I’m not sure I see the value in a platform specific application.
  • Sat through Jack’s profiler presentation, good stuff, Jack engages them well
  • PASS Regional Mentor Karla Landrum was on site too, helping out at the check-in table

Overall the event was nicely done, always fun to attend this one. Kudos to Esteban and team for continuing to provide a first class event for the Orlando .Net community.