PASS Summit 2010- Wednesday

Started the day with a work call and some email, then down to Top Pot with Ron Dameron and Aaron Nelson for coffee. Back to the hotel for my bag and SQLSaturday shirt, and then to the Convention Center to set up at the bloggers table for the keynote.

Bill Graziano doing the keynote, smooth start, having all the volunteers stand up for a thank you. Next up are the financials. 2011 budget is over $4 million, most of revenue from the Summit. Noted that we spent extra on nice backpacks for attendees this year, mild applause. Announced Board Meet and Greet for Thursday 5:30-7 pm, and the Election Review Committee meeting on Wednesday at 4:30 pm.

Quentin Clark up next, talking about shifting expectations for products. First part very slow, finally got interesting when Don Box came on. Energy, some nice changes to SSMS that will help us be productive (example is new table designer where UI is kept in sync with TSQL). Some basic refactoring (rename) built in, good to see progress there.

Much slower keynote than yesterday. Some good stuff coming overall. Go get the CTP1 and look at it.