SQLSaturday #62 in Tampa on January 15, 2011

So far SQLSaturday Tampa will be the first SQLSaturday of 2011, and the first one I’ll be attending in 2011 as well. I’m going to try  to attend one event a month, the try portion meaning there is a terrible temptation to do more (as in all of them) and that sometimes as much as I want to go every month, sometimes it’s nice to imagine a string of uninterrupted weekends!

I submitted my talk on professional development so far, may submit another technical talk. I’ve been talking about statistics for the past year, and usually I try to change topics each year, not sure what to do next. Have been thinking about one on advanced statistics (my current one is very intro), but also thinking about service broker. I’m fan of queuing in general, and SB lends itself to some nice demos. Historically I’ve picked niche topics, which aren’t as “wow”, but where’s the challenge in getting someone to go to a session on indexing? Everyone wants to go to that!

The Tampa event is held in Ybor City, lots of bars and restaurants, don’t miss getting a burger at the Green Iguana!