Presenting at SQLSaturday #48 in Columbia, SC This Weekend

I’m leaving Orlando early Friday morning to drive up to Columbia for SQLSaturday #48 . By the time I changed planes in Atlanta and dealt with a rental car, I figure it was a toss up on time. Longer drive than I prefer, anything over 2 hours gets old for me in a hurry, but I’ll have some books on CD to pass the time and I’ll be leaving early enough that I can stop to sight see if I need to. And while I’m not looking forward to the drive, I’m looking forward to the event, seeing a lot of friends including event organizer Brian Kelley, and hopefully meeting some new people as well.

This will be my last ‘travel to’ SQLSaturday for 2010. I’ll be at our own SQLSaturday #49 in Orlando on October 16, and then off to 2010 PASS Summit, and from there I’m going to do my best to not travel through the end of the year. Attending SQLSaturday is just fun, but it takes it’s toll in terms of time, energy, money, and disruptions to the family routine. It’ll be nice to enjoy a long string of plain ordinary middle class weekends for a while.

If you’re in the area hope you’ll attend, and please say hello if you see me.

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