I was channel flipping after dinner when I saw this and had to stop to watch a few minutes of the John Wayne classic McClintock. If you’ve haven’t seen it you’re missing out, it’s comedy, with a few great scenes. I stayed watching long enough to see the great fight scene that happens on top of a small hill, one by one and over and over the get knocked over the edge and go sliding down a muddy slide into a great big mud puddle. It’s fun to watch, more fun than I can describe here, and as I watched this time I was thinking ‘it looks like a team that had a lot of fun that day’. It was a job like all jobs, good days and bad days, but for one day they got paid to clown and slide in the mud like children, not a bad day at the office. It’s not a film about lessons though, it’s just entertainment and that’s good, still fun after all this time – was done in 1963!