Would You Do Your Hobby For a Living?

Another recent editorial I wrote for SQLServerCentral talks about whether you would be happy doing your hobby for living. For years I considered computers and software a hobby, but for the past ten years or so it’s been a job and as such, less fun than when it was just for fun.

I like working, but the difference between work and a hobby – for me – is that I have to work and battle through stress, frustration, and all the rest. When I’m building something in my workshop and get tired or frustrated, I just put it away, sometimes for a day, sometimes for a month, and return to it when I find the fun it again.

One thought on “Would You Do Your Hobby For a Living?

  1. I agree with you 100%

    I think I would not like to do my hobby. I know that programming was never a hobby for me unless you count commodore 64 programs like:
    20 GOTO 10

    But I never really stick with my own hobbies for too long and I’m okay with that. I can play piano, chess, billiards, bowling, draw a bit, do some photography, but if I was gifted enough to embark on any of those hobbies as a profession, it would take the self-imposed pace out of my hands. It would also take away my option of deciding “That’s too much of a good thing” And then quitting for a while.


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