Does The Job Matter To You?

Last week I wrote an editorial for SQLServerCentral titled Does The Job Matter To You?, asking how much the type of work mattered – what if you could do something you really wanted to and make the same money?

As usual the comments (90 or so as I write this) are far more interesting than the editorial. I wasn’t patient enough to count the split, but clearly there is a set of us that care deeply about having a job that speaks to us, and another set that is willing to work hard and participate, but just doesn’t bond with their job for lack of a better way to say it.

Looking back, I can see this is one of the friction points I’ve seen on teams. I suspect the vested in work crowd works longer and expects the other set to do the same. Probably not as simple as that, but I think it would be a great Monday morning discussion and I wonder if having that chat might not help everyone understand what motivates the others a little bit better.