Book Review: Currencies That Buy Credibility

I ordered a copy of Currencies That Buy Credibility ($14 @ Amazon) after a comment from author Tom Wanek on Twitter about a post I had written on The Checklist Manifesto. Saw that Tom had a web site and book on marketing, did the impulse buy.

My really short summary is that the book talks about how most promises are perceived as light weight or meaningless, and that businesses that take the risk of making deeper promises also buy credibility at the same time. Lots of interesting examples of it in the book, and it feels like a good analysis. As consumers we’re trained to expect fine print and conditions on everything, the rare business that just makes a simple and direct promise stands out of the crowd easily.

It’s got me thinking more, because I’m deep believer in trust and credibility, and in truth there’s nothing I like better than the kinds of things that stem from living and working that way. When you know you’re good at something, willing to cover the loss or mistake if it happens, why not make sure customers know that?

It’s a small book, only about 150 pages, maybe a 30 minute read. I think my only negative was that I wish it was longer, but in fairness it does a good job of covering a fairly narrow topic. The real value is taking the idea and seeing what you can do with it personally or professionally.