One More Minute

Ever say “one more minute” while working on something and then realize 30 minutes have gone by? My daughter has caught on to this – during a recent trip to the bookstore she wanted me to come look at something and I said “one more minute”. How long is a minute she asked? I said […]

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SQLSaturday #49–The Poster!

Over the past few months I’ve been thinking that we don’t do enough to celebrate the people and the effort that goes into a SQLSaturday. From an attendee perspective it doesn’t look very complex (nor should it), but for an organizer it’s a massive amount of work, and it wouldn’t happen without a lot of […]

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Self Promotion & Self Marketing

The title of this post illustrates my own ambiguity on the topic. It’s fair and necessary to let others know about your accomplishments (marketing), but it’s easy to descend into ‘hey look at me’ (promotion). Not sure how well I can show the distinction. Self marketing is an essential skill though, and it is worth […]

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