PASS Update #29 (March 2010 Meeting Minutes)

The minutes from the March 2010 Board meeting were released last week and I hope you’ll review them carefully. Viewing them requires you to login to (Day 1) (Day 2) Note: We seem to have to have failed to post the Feb 2010 minutes, will check into that. I think the March […]

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Notes from the R2 Tweetup

Several weeks ago I was invited to attend a ‘tweetup’ by Microsoft on April 8th, an almost all expenses paid trip to Redmond for an event aligned with the upcoming SQL 2008 R2 launch. I was a bit surprised to be invited, as I spend a lot more time blogging than tweeting (and no, no […]

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Spring Training 2010

Life was busier than I would have liked this year, but made it to one game, Braves vs Tigers, for a nice afternoon in the sun. Nothing like Florida in mid March; 85 degrees, humidity bearable, and nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the day!    

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Test Driving a LinkedIn Poll

Had this on my list for a while, thinking maybe it’s a way to leverage the investment in my (your) network. Setting up the poll is easy, enter a question and up to 5 choices, then you publish to your immediate connections for free, or pay $50 to reach a wider audience. If you just […]

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