Going to Charlotte for SQLSaturday #33

I’m flying up Friday afternoon for SQLSaturday #33. Looking forward to the trip, Charlotte is a great area and I know a lot of the speakers presenting this time, so the Friday night get together should be a lot of fun. This will be more of a working trip than usual, Blythe Morrow from PASS HQ is also attending and I’ll be spending most of Fri and Sat trying to transfer as much knowledge as I can about how and why we do things at SQLSaturday, alternatives, pain points, and where we can do better.

I’m also doing part of the keynote with Steve Jones and Rushabh Mehta, talking about the history of SQLSaturday so far and where I hope it goes over the next couple years. Not often I do a keynote and this isn’t a presentation I’ll be able to practice much, but that’s offset by the small amount of time – about 10 minutes – and it being a topic I know pretty well, so we’ll hope it works out.