Windows 7 Presentation Mode

Recently I was just killing a few minutes and was looking for some tips for Windows 7. I get along fine in Windows, but sometimes I wonder if I’m doing things the same way I did in Windows 95! I found this list by Tim Sneath and found something I’d missed – presentation mode!

The secret? Windows-X

Win-X brings up the mobility center:


To configure, click the little projector icon and you’ll see this:


Do the little bit of configuration it offers, and then you can toggle it on/off easily. I wish they had gone a step or two further:

  • Option to hide all the objects on the desktop or switch to an alternate desktop
  • Adjust the power settings to make sure the machine doesn’t go into power save while you’re talking
  • Hide or disable instant messages and other notifications (I don’t think these count as “system” notifications that it suppresses

Still, it’s useful, and makes me wonder why I haven’t looked for something like this before now.