Two-Factor Authentication

Something you have and something you know – that’s the heart of two-factor, sometimes called multi-factor, authentication. RSA was for years the most common. You use either the key fob hardware device or the software app to get a ‘code’ that you enter in addition to your ID and your (hopefully) strong password. The code […]

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Celebrating Mistakes-Part 2

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. It’s easy to say we want to take risks, much harder to set the boundaries so that you demand diligence. Taking risks shouldn’t be on the level of buying lotto tickets or a roll of the dice. It’s got to be a shared risk, one that you may […]

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Upgrading to SQL 2008 R2

Had this on my list todo list, upgrade my laptop that just had plain old SQL 2008 on it. The first part of the install went smooth until it got to the rule checks and then an error related to : Luckily I wasn’t the first person to get the Sql2005SsmsExpressFacet error. The first search […]

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Notes from the R2 Tweetup

Several weeks ago I was invited to attend a ‘tweetup’ by Microsoft on April 8th, an almost all expenses paid trip to Redmond for an event aligned with the upcoming SQL 2008 R2 launch. I was a bit surprised to be invited, as I spend a lot more time blogging than tweeting (and no, no […]

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