A Strange Day at McDonalds

A few weeks ago I was running errands on a Saturday, with an almost final stop at Home Depot to pick up some stuff for the garden. I had my daughters with me and they were ready for a break so  we stopped at McDonalds for the dollar sundae for them and iced tea for […]

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Planning to Fail

Great title for a post, isn’t it? Seems foolish, lazy, or worse to plan for failure, right? Yet, in the real world, stuff fails all the time. Sometimes we could have done more, sometimes we can’t afford to do more, sometimes it’s just the way things are. As DBA’s we’re usually thinking about backups and […]

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Failing Fast

I’ll have a longer post next week about my own risk strategy, but I wanted to write this first, both to start getting some ideas working and to see the questions that arise. Failure of any kind isn’t widely regarded as good, and I’m not encouraging anyone to not plan. But especially in business and […]

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