Editorial: Cloud Skills

Cloud Skills is the editorial today, thinking about the changes we see in the boxed product versus the cloud and asking – which way do we go if we want to stay relevant, not just now, but in five years. Is our path safe and sure? Or is there a fork in the road? I […]

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Project Moriarty

This past weekend I started writing notes for what I’m calling Project Moriarty, what I hope will be five questions in a row that have to be solved individually, but then based on information in the questions and correct answers will lead those that complete the challenge to solve the overall challenge posed by Moriarty. […]

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Feedback on My Abstracts

Here’s the raw feedback from my submissions for the Summit. To those who wrote the feedback for me (and all the rest), I say nicely done. As much as I’d wish for still more feedback, this is useful. The only complaint I have is about “contractions” being a rule that is, as far as I […]

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The Selection Process

According to this post from Amy Lewis (PASS Board of Directors) there were 943 abstracts submitted for the 2014 PASS Summit by 335 speakers competing for 144 slots on the schedule. An abundance of riches to be sure, but it also marks a time of expectation, exultation, disappointment, and even disenchantment as some win (get […]

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Above Reproach

It’s been a busy few weeks in the world of PASS, lots of good conversations that I’ve followed with interest, in particular this post by Kendal Van Dyke, then follow up posts from Bradley Ball and Andy Leonard, as well as others that were more focused on the overall selection process. Today I’d like to […]

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