Embedding Flash Video in a Blog Post

I recently needed to figure out how to embed Flash streaming video in a blog post. LiveWriter does Youtube ok and I thought about moving the content, but was looking for something I could get done faster. I had used the JWPlayer for streaming on a web page and they had a WordPress plug-in so I started there.

Installing the plug-in was painless. If you add the video via their tools it adds the video (which can be externally hosted) to the media library and then references the mediaID. In the blog post you end up with a shortcode, like this (I changed [ and ] to { and } so you can see the code:

{jwplayer mediaid=1}

Worked fine, just more work than I wanted to do a couple hundred times. A quick experiment verified that you can skip the mediaid – if minimalist works for you – and just reference the file directly:

{jwplayer file=”rtmp://……..my.flv”}

Maybe there is a better way, but this worked fine. Lots of config options if you want to do more with it.