The Mentoring Experiment–New Call for Mentees

With both Steve Jones and I done with our summer break, we’re ready to continue with several experiments we’ve been thinking on for a while, and to do that, we need mentees! See this post for details.

Want to be a mentor? Fill out the short application and we’ll have someone matched to you by the end of August!

3 thoughts on “The Mentoring Experiment–New Call for Mentees

  1. I”m in the midst of taking the 70-433 again. I”m looking for a mentor who will guide and assist me to re enter the I.T. SQL Server job market. I have 3 – 5 years of SQL Server 2000 administration experience but that was in 2003. SO I”m quite aware that I just need lots of relevant practical experience afrter I pass my exam. I took a course from A.G. Daniel,, for 70-433 and 70-432, but I work a brutal night shift customer service sales position. I have the will to get back up to speed. I just need a leg up.


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