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I was chatting with a friend recently and he said he could never blog the way I do. Which way is that? His take was I just dump my thoughts, and that doing so required some amount of courage to put unpolished thoughts out for reading by others.

I haven’t ever thought of the way I write as courageous, and probably won’t. I write to think, and the way I do that doesn’t require every idea to get fully and perfectly written. I enjoy sharing some of my thoughts and ideas, but I don’t – at least right now – worry about page views or popularity. I write to think, to grow. It’s a lot like the conversation we’d have if we sat down to talk about this topic right now.

That’s my style. You get to pick your style. Be who you are. Try to be better, try new things. Or not. In the end, you can write, or not. I hope you’ll write.

2 thoughts on “The Brain Dump Blog

  1. I agree 100% my grammar/writing is really bad and hate posting or writing anything online. The reasoning is once online it stays online forever. Either at work or online I hate writing and REALLY hate working with grammar/word smiths that take delight ripping my writing. I know I can’t write and I don’t need for someone to tell me that. I say thank goodness for spell check or it would have been really bad. I have seen on some online sites people do this and rip into someone who misspelled or have a ”,” or a sentence not formed correctly. When someone sees you’re writing it is their first impression of you and if this not correct then their impression of you is very low. It would be like this person is a dumb; less educated which might be true. Just like the friend mentioned above I do write but it is my thoughts and for my eyes only. So I can relate to this person and would not post anything online with my name on it. We in the SQL community should be sharing but I try in other ways just not blogging.


  2. I agree there are plenty of ways to contribute without blogging. I think writing stuff you don”t publish is better – way better – than not writing, but there is something useful about sharing it with people you know and people you don”t know (yet). We each have to find the path that works for us!


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