Writing Your Resume

There’s a  lot of info out there about putting together a resume, and I probably can’t add a lot, but I reviewed a resume for a friend recently and of the notes I sent back, I wanted to share a couple here: Tell them what you want to do. Are you a DBA. An ETL […]

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Micromanaging is one of those words that evokes an instant negative image. Certainly there are times when it happens, but it’s surprisingly hard to define well. Maybe a very rough high level definition is “excessive oversight”. Most of the time on the management side it happens due to inexperience, a lack of faith in employees […]

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Notes from SQLSaturday #79

This was the third SQLSaturday in South Florida and the third time I’ve attended, just too good an event to miss, especially towards the end of summer when it includes the chance to visit Ft Lauderdale beach for a while. I was in town early for the event for the PASS Board meeting, so the […]

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