Unusual BBQ

Recently some friends invited me to try a BBQ place that they enjoyed, so I went along hoping for the best, never know what you’ll get with off the path bbq, but hoping for a good meal and to  BBQ in Florida that my friend Wes Dumey hadn’t tried yet! To end the suspense early, […]

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Email Pruning

Email consumes a pretty significant chunk for me. Email for my day job, email for my blog, email from friend and family, email for learning and professional development, email with offers from various retailers I use here and there. It adds up. I use my phone a couple times a day to read and remove […]

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More Networking Thoughts

I’ve happened to have a few networking events happen recently that I thought I’d share, all part of trying to figure out when and how networking works best. I had a friend reach out to me (and this is someone I met from another friend) via LinkedIn to reach someone 2 more levels away from […]

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IT Education Part 2

For those thinking about an IT career the options are bewildering, and I think the education establishment doesn’t do a great job of explaining the many paths there are in IT. For example, if you’re going to write code, the world is largely split into .Net and Java. Yes, there are other technologies, but if […]

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