PASS Summit 2010-Wrap Up

Thursday ended with a ‘Meet the Board’ meeting where attendees could come ask the Board questions or present ideas. It went better than last year; smaller room, more attendees, less formal. Wayne Snyder did a nice job as the moderator. We’ll see about getting the full notes posted, but a brief recap of topics from […]

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PASS Summit 2010-Thursday

Quick recap of yesterday afternoon: blur! I know I did stuff, but the pace is brisk and I’m just keeping critical notes for follow through. Hard to convey how much fun and tiring it is to continuously interact with different people over the course of a 16 hour day. From breakfast to midnight a lot […]

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PASS Summit 2010- Wednesday

Started the day with a work call and some email, then down to Top Pot with Ron Dameron and Aaron Nelson for coffee. Back to the hotel for my bag and SQLSaturday shirt, and then to the Convention Center to set up at the bloggers table for the keynote. Bill Graziano doing the keynote, smooth […]

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PASS Summit 2010-Tuesday

Started my day by going up to the club floor for the continental breakfast, met Mark Souza on the elevator and had a good chat over breakfast. For those you of who don’t now Mark, he’s on the Board of Directors and the guy who started CAT. We chatted about who he might know in […]

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PASS Summit 2010-Monday

I’m writing this on Tuesday morning, Monday was a blur. I awoke at 4 am, finally decided that sleep wasn’t going to return so went for a brisk 5 am walk, brisk in both pace and temperature. To be fair the weather so far has been pretty moderate. Back to the hotel and get dressed, […]

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PASS Summit 2010–Sunday

My day started at 5:15 to get moving for the airport. Arrived right at 2 hours early to find that there was no curbside or self service check-in for Alaska Air. By the time I waited in line to check a bag and then waited in line again for security I made it to the […]

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