Book Review: Victorious (The Lost Fleet)

Victorious by Jack Campbell ($8 at Amazon) is the finale in the six part series about Black Jack Geary leading a space fleet back home from deep in enemy territory. I’ll try not to ruin it for you if you haven’t read them all yet!

The series is good, though I’ll admit to thinking it might have been done in five books or maybe even four. It’s naval battles set in space, with a lot of tactics in three dimensions. There is a bit of intrigue and politics, especially the latter in this last one. A big focus on honor and not descending to the level of opponents, stuff I largely agree with but is rarely so simple in real life, and the author manages to show some of that throughout the books.

The ending is reasonably happy, though parts of it feel rushed – a strange feeling given that overall the story was stretched too much. The villains end up feeling not quite as formidable as they seemed earlier on.

Still, I can easily recommend the series, and it’s always nice to know that when you read a book there are more to follow already done and waiting.

One thought on “Book Review: Victorious (The Lost Fleet)

  1. I just finished the latest book in that series. I kinda hate the retread of some of the intra-personal stuff but the space battles are fun.


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