Book Review: Where Have All The Leaders Gone

It had been a long while since I listened to an audio book, found it while browsing at the library. Where Have All the Leaders Gone ($6 @ Amazon) by Lee Iacocca. You might remember him for “If you can find a better car buy it”, or maybe the golf commercial with Snoop Dogg, or as the guy who went to Congress for a loan guarantee and got Chrysler turned around.

It was, I think, the first audio book I listened to that was read by the author, and that made it more interesting for me. Not sure I would have lasted through it otherwise. The first chapter are two are about leaders in politics and while some of it is fair, it’s pretty much a rant too. After that it gets better, but I guess the parts that I found most interesting were about him and the people and experiences that formed him. The kind of stuff that happens to many of us, just a matter of luck (mostly) to find the right people to form you at the right time.

Lots of good stories, and in some ways a second autobiography, and at 80+ still working and sharing. Some good thoughts on leaders, but not really a book that I’d point you to if you wanted to really learn to be a better leader.

I enjoyed it. Would I have enjoyed reading it as much as listening? Not sure, probably not quite as much. Listening though, the man comes through, and it didn’t hurt that it reminded me of my grandfather in tone and delivery. Try the audio book, skip the first couple chapters, and I think you’ll find it worthwhile.