Windows 8 In 25 Minutes

Here’s a quick plug for The Missing Windows 8 Instructional Video. I watched it and learned quite a few things, then forwarded it to my wife to watch and she found it useful as well. I’m torn on this – I’d like to think a good UI is intuitive and shouldn’t need a how-to, but […]

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Windows 8 Easy Refresh?

I saw this write up about the built in ability to both restore to factory settings as well as just refresh (basically a clean install but preserves your data). It’s not a dumb idea, it solves a common problem that has been already a long time. Way way back when I started in IT doing […]

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A New SSD For My Laptop

I’ve managed to get by for more than 3 years with the original 64G SSD in my laptop, but lately I found myself having to prune things to keep getting by. Pruning isn’t bad, actually good to do, but a pain to be forced into it. I decided to look at upgrading, both to have  […]

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