A Long Summer Vacation

Based on a bit of luck/happenstance I’ve been able to stretch my summer vacation to two months. I had planned to take a few weeks off to reflect on life and think about where I should be focusing (and I have done a lot of that), but the chance to take the summer off with […]

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Vacation Notes

First stop was Philadelphia, mostly because we scheduled our vacation to coincide with SQLSaturday #200, but also because we had never been. Subway is ok, but no where near as useful or as clean as the one in DC. We hoped to see the Liberty Bell, but the line was looooong The Constitution Center was […]

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Got Any Grapes?

This past weekend we took a mini vacation, along the way my daughter decided to play this song, which is indeed a pretty good song to enjoy on vacation. Blame me if this one gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day.   The Duck Song

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Back From Vacation

As you may surmise from my previous post I’m back from vacation. I was as unplugged as I’ve been in a couple years, I think I answered one email and looked at my inbox maybe twice. My home inbox is still backlogged, at work I returned to 200 or so new messages, about half of […]

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Vacation Notes

I wrote this over the course of 10 days, so it’s a bit rambling, but maybe you’ll find a good bit or two anyway! We flew into Dulles to start our vacation. It’s a long but easy cab ride in to DC, about $70 by cab. It was a combination of picking a flight that […]

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