Auto Tweets from SQLSaturday

I was chatting with PASS community pollinator Karla Landrum recently and she asked me my thoughts on the auto tweets that get posted when attendees, sponsors, and speakers sign up, especially with regard to privacy. I implemented or drove the implementation of the auto tweets, trying as best I could to build some starting point […]

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Hash Tag Art

I haven’t tried this, but run across a reference to hashtagart that looks pretty interesting as a way to use Twitter to drive people to a URL. Here’s one example of the resulting mosaic: Maybe someone in the SQL community will give it a try?

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Visiting Chicago

A few weeks back I was in Chicago for three days for work. I’ve been through the airport a couple times, never spent any time at all in the city. It was a good trip, and I think would be a great destination for the PASS Summit. I flew into Midway Airport and it’s all […]

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