The Done Stamp

I’m fond of replying with “done” when a task is complete, no need for anything more elaborate. I’ve been experimenting with a status board using 3×5 cards and push pins just to see how I like it compared to sticky notes, one of the columns is for “done” items. Somehow that just didn’t seem satisfying, […]

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Identify Risk Early

One of the mistakes I see a lot is teams failing to identify risks early and failing to leave time to deal with the unexpected things that come up. Imagine a project that seems to have work something like this: Task A. Needs to be done 100 times Task B. Needs to be done 2 […]

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What Color Were You On Today?

The school my daughter attends gives each student a workbook type thing at the beginning of each year, and it travels back and forth between school and home with them each day. It contains homework assignments, trip notices, and whatever else might be going on for that day/week. It also has an area where the […]

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Building a Wiki

I’ve long admired the value that I get from Wikipedia and like the concept of crowd sourcing knowledge, just never seemed to get around to setting one up. Finally decided to do it as a way to accelerate the SQLSaturday documentation, and I’ve set it up at I looked at a few options. I […]

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A Wiki Wiki

I was killing a few minutes browsing while waiting on a call, had been thinking again whether a wiki would be the right approach for enhancing the SQLSaturday documentation, and ran across, a site that compares in great detail all the various wiki apps out there. It’s the great part of browsing, sometimes you […]

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