Profiled on SQLPeople

I’m late posting it, but I was featured on SQLPeople for June 27th. It’s a project Andy Leonard has going on and it’s interesting indeed to see the similarities and differences from those of that work with SQL Server.

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LinkedIn for Blackberry

I’ve been waiting on this for a while, and missed the announcement that it was available, happened to see that Paul Waters had tried it via the weekly digest I get from LinkedIn. It runs on Tour, Curve, and Bold (my current phone). Installed easily enough, and the UI looks a like like a browser. […]

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Test Driving a LinkedIn Poll

Had this on my list for a while, thinking maybe it’s a way to leverage the investment in my (your) network. Setting up the poll is easy, enter a question and up to 5 choices, then you publish to your immediate connections for free, or pay $50 to reach a wider audience. If you just […]

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