Failing to Overreach

I’m not sure what put this phrase in my head, though I think in part it came from various posts by Seth Godin, and it represents something – a doubt maybe – about whether I’m doing enough. I think of myself as fairly conservative when it comes to taking risks. Others might not agree, but […]

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Will You Buy Refurbished? Part 1

A couple months back the laptop my wife uses was fading away, the internal power connector was broken/barely working and it looked like a motherboard swap would be required. Out of warranty and at $150+ for the motherboard (plus some aggravation), time to buy something new. It’s used for browsing, email, etc, and the one […]

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I found this while looking for a quick way to throw some words into a slide, was thinking something along the lines of a tag cloud and this goes a step beyond. You can plug in a word list, point it to a page or feed, then you can apply styles and shapes – yes, […]

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