Strong Manager or Weak Manager?

Here’s the link to my editorial on SSC last week. I was pleasantly surprised by the discussion, and was interested to see that rather than strong the word ‘brave’ popped up. That’s interesting to consider, it’s less about technical skills and more about personality, the willingness to fight the hard fights. Of course the hard […]

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Micromanaging is one of those words that evokes an instant negative image. Certainly there are times when it happens, but it’s surprisingly hard to define well. Maybe a very rough high level definition is “excessive oversight”. Most of the time on the management side it happens due to inexperience, a lack of faith in employees […]

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What Color Were You On Today?

The school my daughter attends gives each student a workbook type thing at the beginning of each year, and it travels back and forth between school and home with them each day. It contains homework assignments, trip notices, and whatever else might be going on for that day/week. It also has an area where the […]

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SSC Editorial – Great Service

I wrote the editorial about great service after noticing a couple small but interesting customer service experiences during two trips. I’ve continued to think about it since writing it. It’s an obvious win, but not an easy win, or even obvious on how do achieve the win. How we figure that out? Maybe not complete, […]

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The Vacation Backlash

Maybe I need a better name for it, but I’m describing the pain that happens when you’re getting ready for vacation and returning from one. I bet most of you have gone through it, and it’s easy to get to the point where going on vacation seems like more trouble than it’s worth! The upfront […]

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