Kindle vs Library

Since I bought a Nexus 7 (two of them, I broke the first one) I’ve been interested to see if and how it would change my reading habits. I still have a preference for printed books, based mostly on a lifetime of reading a printed book a week, but also because I’ve always been a […]

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Build a Little Free Library

I saw this on the Boing Boing feed yesterday, Little Free Library is a project to try to build 2500 mini libraries (to give you an image, think book house rather than bird house). I’m taken with the simplicity of the project – just building something. Use their plan or use their own. Put one […]

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SQLRally, Pre-Cons, and Taking Risks

Before I get into my thoughts, go vote! Here are the options this year for the SQLRally pre-cons: BI Sessions: DBA Sessions: Developer Sessions: Misc Sessions: Here is the voting link. Voting closes 8 am PST on November 2nd, 2010. For those of you not following along already a “pre-con” is […]

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