Hash Tag Art

I haven’t tried this, but run across a reference to hashtagart that looks pretty interesting as a way to use Twitter to drive people to a URL. Here’s one example of the resulting mosaic: Maybe someone in the SQL community will give it a try?

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Review: SSD Tweaker

Ran across this while doing some other reading, SSD Tweaker lets you change a few settings that are supposed to boost (or at least not degrade) performance on an SSD drive. No install, just download and run the exe. Tried it on my laptop and it turned off a few things via the ‘Auto Tweak’, […]

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Review: Ninite

Found Ninite while browsing a list of efficiency tools on PCWorld.com. It’s a one stop super installer, you run through the menu of available applications (subset shown below) and it builds a single MSI you can download and it is supposed to automatically disable any toolbars or similar that are ‘optional’ items during the install. […]

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LinkedIn for Blackberry

I’ve been waiting on this for a while, and missed the announcement that it was available, happened to see that Paul Waters had tried it via the weekly digest I get from LinkedIn. It runs on Tour, Curve, and Bold (my current phone). Installed easily enough, and the UI looks a like like a browser. […]

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Review: Virtual CloneDrive

It’s pretty common to download software as an ISO file (a disk image) and it seems like a waste to burn it to CD/DVD just to install it once. Instead, it makes a lot more sense to treat it as a virtual drive – if you have the right tool! I use Virtual CloneDrive. It’s […]

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