First Impressions

I was chatting with a friend recently who had been in turn chatting with a colleague about first impressions. The colleague had gone to the lobby to meet a candidate and escort them to the interviewer, and during the walk had tried to make small talk, offered them some water, and didn’t get much interaction. […]

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IT Education Part 2

For those thinking about an IT career the options are bewildering, and I think the education establishment doesn’t do a great job of explaining the many paths there are in IT. For example, if you’re going to write code, the world is largely split into .Net and Java. Yes, there are other technologies, but if […]

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IT Education Part 1

Like many in IT I’m self taught, starting with DOS and batch files, then proceeding through QuickBasic, Visual Basic in assorted flavors, Access, and of course SQL Server. I’ve learned what I needed and/or wanted to know about various technologies at various times, which is a practical approach with the downside of leaving gaps that […]

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