Gardens and Scarecrows

A few weeks ago I started clearing space for a small garden. Tedious work due to the area of the yard I picked, tons of some ugly vine that took hours to remove. I built four mini raised beds by using some 1×4” fence pickets and a small block of 2×4” at each corner. Not […]

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I am a Risk Taker

Somewhat of a strange title, but it’s been an interesting journey to understand that I do take risks and to realize that taking risks isn’t bad. I’ll start at the middle of the story. A few months back I let the PASS Board know that I was cancelling a project and calling it a failure […]

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SQLRally, Pre-Cons, and Taking Risks

Before I get into my thoughts, go vote! Here are the options this year for the SQLRally pre-cons: BI Sessions: DBA Sessions: Developer Sessions: Misc Sessions: Here is the voting link. Voting closes 8 am PST on November 2nd, 2010. For those of you not following along already a “pre-con” is […]

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Failing Fast

I’ll have a longer post next week about my own risk strategy, but I wanted to write this first, both to start getting some ideas working and to see the questions that arise. Failure of any kind isn’t widely regarded as good, and I’m not encouraging anyone to not plan. But especially in business and […]

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