Movie Adaptations of Books

I’ve never written a novel or a movie script, but I’ve sure consumed a lot of both and enjoy both. I’ve always been excited when a book I have read becomes a movie. Validation of a sort I guess – I like something popular! But really it’s a chance to see it. Yet I’m almost […]

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Farewell Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy died yesterday. I’ve been reading his books for a long time and I think I’ve read them all more than once. It was good entertainment for sure, it was fun to watch characters evolve and to watch his writing evolve, and it was interesting to see him translate the challenges of the real […]

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Kindle vs Library

Since I bought a Nexus 7 (two of them, I broke the first one) I’ve been interested to see if and how it would change my reading habits. I still have a preference for printed books, based mostly on a lifetime of reading a printed book a week, but also because I’ve always been a […]

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Marking Up Books

I like reading and while I read more on an e-reader than I used to, I still prefer the printed kind and with that comes some old fashioned thoughts about how books are treated. I’m on the flight to Seattle as I write this and I glanced across the aisle to see a man circling […]

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Varied and Interesting Links

Here are some things I’ve run across in the past few weeks you may find interesting: FailCon. Billed as a one-day conference for technology entrepreneurs, investors, developers and designers to study their own and others” failures and prepare for success. Talking about and sharing failure is powerful, I think worth the $79 entrance fee. Quickly […]

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