The End of the BAC–Why?

In a post titled The Future of the BA Community PASS announced that there would be no Business Analytics conference in 2017 and that the new strategy would be multi pronged, focused on local groups and events. I’ve never been a fan of the concept of the BAC so it was with mixed emotions I […]

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More Thoughts on the PASS BAC

Here’s an excerpt from an email from PASS I received on November 4 and also available at this link (bolding added by me): The PASS BA Conference answers the call to meet the unique needs of business and data analysts, who are asked to do more with data every day. They are non-technical data professionals who work […]

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Thoughts on the PASS BAC

I recently read PASS and Business Analytics: A Winning Combination on the PASS blog and it reminded me that I’ve been wanting to write some thoughts and concerns related to the BAC. I start this acknowledging I’m looking at things from a DBA perspective and that I haven’t attended a BAC. I don’t think those preclude […]

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Big Data Techcon

I was reading SD Times and saw a nice 2 page ad for the Big Data Techcon coming up April 26th in Boston. I did a quick look at the schedule and I don’t see any SQL Server content or speakers from Microsoft. I wonder why not? Too late for me to consider attending it […]

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