A Quote from Spock

My mom gave me a book about Leonard Nimoy  recently and we talked later about the impact his life had on others and his role in the rebooted Star Trek. One more reason to love my Mom, she loves Trek! We talked about how having Spock (Spock Prime!) show up in the movie bridged the […]

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I Need a Thumb

No, I still have both of mine.  Yesterday I stopped at lunch for Wendy’s. One person in line in front of us. Guy places his order, hands over the credit card, and the cashier is just about to hand the card back when he decides he wants two more of something. Rather than just doing […]

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Time to Rebrand

I became a SQL guy back in 1998 because the company that hired me used SQL Server. It’s been a good ride and it’s paid the bills, but after 15 years or so it’s time to do something different. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Part of it is wanting to run […]

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Closing Out 2014

I’m writing this on Monday as I’ve been thinking about the year and what I’d like to do next year. More than ever I appreciate that plans and lists are important, but so is the ability and willingness to adapt as things change, A once a quarter plan/review has worked reasonably well for me. I […]

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Reflections On Fathers Day

Fathers Day coincided with the family vacation this year and maybe more than some years I had the time to think a little on being a father. Thinking about the gleeful giggle of my oldest daughter when you she sees through my tricks and the devious and delightful cackle of my youngest daughter when she […]

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