My $200 Oops

My Nexus 7 tablet has grown on me, though I think it’s more about having a dedicated tablet than the hardware. I’ve never been a big fan of cases for devices, they seem to throw away the lightness of the form factor that we pass extra for, and without any case I can slip the […]

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Trying the Nest Thermostat

I’ve had the Nest Thermostat on my wish list for a while. It has looked like an interesting bit of technology, just hard to justify the $249 price. This past week the little plastic nub that changes from AC to heat broke on my not-exactly-high-tech thermostat, so I decided to splurge and try the Nest. […]

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More Thoughts on the Mac Air

I’ve been living with my Mac Air for a few weeks now, thought I’d share some quick thoughts: I miss the backspace key/behavior. Air only has the delete key. I miss the right click button. And I miss the home/end keys. Two finger scrolling is natural, I find myself trying to do it on the […]

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Mac Daddy!

In my Three Strikes post I wrapped up the sorry tale of trying to get an X1 Carbon delivered from Lenovo. The day after I cancelled I did get an email indicating it was going to be delayed another 30 days. I’m hoping that is just due to two separate systems not being quite in […]

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