Password Cracking–Part 2

Two days felt like a long time, so we found a cloud server with 16 cores we could use. We guessed on the threads and were able to run it at an average of 90% utilization (and it seems to use all the cores). The initial projection was 14 hours so it seemed better, but […]

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It might or might not surprise you that I learned to code in Basic. I suppose my first real attempt at building a solution was using complex macros and batch files, but I was trying to learn more and a friend gave me a copy of Turbo Basic. I struggled to figure it out and […]

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Statistics Parser

A quick plug today for Statistics Parser by Richie Rump, a free web site that takes the output from “set statistics io” and formats them (client side) into a tabular format. Interesting and useful to someone who doesn’t have permission to run Profiler (or know how to use it). More interesting because turning on statistics […]

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Password Cracking–Part 1

I’ve run into the not uncommon situation where there is a SQL login and no one seems to have the password. We can change it and suffer the pain, create a new account, or try to crack it. I’ve opted to at least try cracking, using the article How to recover a SQL Server login […]

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