One More Minute

Ever say “one more minute” while working on something and then realize 30 minutes have gone by? My daughter has caught on to this – during a recent trip to the bookstore she wanted me to come look at something and I said “one more minute”. How long is a minute she asked? I said […]

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A Server Bench

This past weekend I was doing some early Spring cleaning and decided it was time to throw out two old servers. Still working, but long past their prime – purchased in 2006. They are sturdy boxes as far as construction, something I noticed as I was carrying them to the door to put out for […]

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Google Buys Nest

I was a bit sad to see that Google bought Nest. I like upstarts that see a problem and solve it. I’m highly in favor of them profiting from doing so. I just don’t want to see Google (or Microsoft, or Apple, or Facebook, or Amazon) buy them all up. I wouldn’t have turned down […]

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