Stages of the Game?

Saw this post by Seth Godin on Stages of the Game. Interesting, I identified with it – I’m competitive, and competing means understanding the rules and sometimes playing the boundaries. Calling it a game doesn’t, in my view at least, trivialize the effort and impact of trying to win. Winning, in the context of every […]

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An Unclassy Error

I saw this on a TV while walking through a store. More than a but amusing, but not too helpful to the user. Seems like it would be easy enough to tell if the connection was not working and report that as a separate error.  

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Kindle Fire Update

We’ve had two of them since right after the launch and overall I’m pleased. They get used quite a bit by everyone, and they are useful at home. For the kids it’s mostly the games, Amazon offers a good selection of free games and everyday features a ‘not free’ app as free, and those are […]

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Magazines I Read This Year

In December I went through my current magazine list and made some changes, mostly based on what I had been picking up in airports to read. As you can tell I love magazines, a great way to get a lot of ideas in convenient packaging, and one of the times when I don’t mind the […]

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