Review: I Done This

IDoneThis is a simple web site for tracking accomplishments. The premise is that you get a checkbox on the calendar each time you post an update, the string of checkboxes serves as an incentive to keep going. There is no goal setting beyond picking daily or weekly for the update frequency. You do a simple […]

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Stages of the Game?

Saw this post by Seth Godin on Stages of the Game. Interesting, I identified with it – I’m competitive, and competing means understanding the rules and sometimes playing the boundaries. Calling it a game doesn’t, in my view at least, trivialize the effort and impact of trying to win. Winning, in the context of every […]

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An Unclassy Error

I saw this on a TV while walking through a store. More than a but amusing, but not too helpful to the user. Seems like it would be easy enough to tell if the connection was not working and report that as a separate error.  

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Kindle Fire Update

We’ve had two of them since right after the launch and overall I’m pleased. They get used quite a bit by everyone, and they are useful at home. For the kids it’s mostly the games, Amazon offers a good selection of free games and everyday features a ‘not free’ app as free, and those are […]

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