Leaders in Meetings

As the owner of a meeting/discussion you have two options on how to drive the conversation, and which you use depends on the answer you want. Sound cynical? Perhaps, but read on! Technique one is to say ‘this is what I’m thinking about as a plan/direction’ and invite comment. That typically frames the conversation so […]

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Presentation Styles

I had a chance to watch a few different styles this week at TechEd, and I think it helped that many were speakers I had not seen before. I don’t know if I can name the styles yet, but here are some notes about things I noticed: Dual presenters can suck, or be very powerful. […]

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TechEd 2010 – Wednesday

My final day at TechEd. Packed up and checked my bag at the hotel, off to the bus. Noticed that no transportation person there managing things today – whether that’s because we’re fully trained on riding the bus now or just someone calling in sick I don’t know. Arrived just in time to miss breakfast, […]

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TechEd 2010 – Afternoon

Noticed that they have ‘overflow’ rooms where they are broadcasting sessions that max out attendance, very nice. Wonder how much they get used? Lunch was BBQ, chopped brisket (not pulled I think – more Alpo’ish), pork. Not as good as yesterday, but not bad. I requested an interview with Torsten Grabs to learn more about […]

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