Critiquing Free Events

Yesterday I wrote about expectations at free events, basically saying they don’t differ a lot from paid events. The next part of that is to talk about how to deliver and accept criticism in a positive way. At most events there is an evaluation form given to attendees and while it’s hard to write a […]

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Automating Imports from Access

Access is actually pretty good at importing files, and doesn’t on the surface work much different that import/export from Management Studio. I wrote this up after a friend had asked for assistance, I remembered the import specification part but couldn’t find at the time how to drive it from code. Finally dug through (it’s been […]

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A Wiki Wiki

I was killing a few minutes browsing while waiting on a call, had been thinking again whether a wiki would be the right approach for enhancing the SQLSaturday documentation, and ran across, a site that compares in great detail all the various wiki apps out there. It’s the great part of browsing, sometimes you […]

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