Automating Imports from Access

Access is actually pretty good at importing files, and doesn’t on the surface work much different that import/export from Management Studio. I wrote this up after a friend had asked for assistance, I remembered the import specification part but couldn’t find at the time how to drive it from code. Finally dug through (it’s been […]

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A Wiki Wiki

I was killing a few minutes browsing while waiting on a call, had been thinking again whether a wiki would be the right approach for enhancing the SQLSaturday documentation, and ran across, a site that compares in great detail all the various wiki apps out there. It’s the great part of browsing, sometimes you […]

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Review: Virtual CloneDrive

It’s pretty common to download software as an ISO file (a disk image) and it seems like a waste to burn it to CD/DVD just to install it once. Instead, it makes a lot more sense to treat it as a virtual drive – if you have the right tool! I use Virtual CloneDrive. It’s […]

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Operation: Dinner Different

My wife and I try to have dinner out every other week or so, but we tend to fall into ruts, visiting the same handful of restaurants that are close to home, reasonably priced, and reasonably dependable. Sometimes that dinner night comes at the end of a long week or a hectic day, and while […]

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The Name Game

I’m in charge of networking and social time for oPASS and I do what I can to help get our members (old and new) get better at networking while at our user group meetings. In the past we’ve done introductions and games and discussion about networking. Worth doing, and effective to a point. This month […]

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