SQLRally Orlando Begins This Week!

It actually starts tomorrow for me (and many of you), I’ll be at the Marriott World Center around 1 pm to get started on stuffing the event bags and then later in the day I’ll be at the first of a few After Hours events. It’s going to be a busy/long/good week as I’ll be doing some work as an event leader/volunteer, participating in an on site Board of Directors meeting, attending the After Hours events, and trying to meet and greet as many of the attendees as I can. I suspect it will be a week to rival the PASS Summit in intensity!

A few notes from me on having a good week at SQLRally:

  • Shorts are acceptable attire everywhere in Florida. Dress to be comfortable.
  • Easy to get dehydrated if you’re not used to the heat and humidity, lots of water is in order
  • Bring business cards. Forgot to order them? No problem, grab a pack of the print it yourself card stock from the office supply store and print your name, email address, and LinkedIn and/or Twitter info. Don’t sweat how it looks, it’s about the data!
  • Get out and enjoy Florida after the day is done. Attend one of our events or join a group for dinner, but a day of presentations is tiring – get out and recharge.
  • Talk to whoever you’re sitting next to. Saying “hello” is the hard part, after that we’re a good group when it comes to talking.

See you in Orlando!

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